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Your very own private cinema awaits with world-class solutions for vivid picture, immersive surround sound, dynamic lighting, luxury seating and intuitive one-touch controls. Curate an experience that far exceeds your local theater while you enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying at home.

Home Theater Components

  • Projector Screen

    The projection screen is at least as important as your projector and needs to be specified correctly to ensure the optimum viewing experience for your family and guests. Many factors go into choosing the right screen including the screen size which is based on room dimensions, optimal seating area and ceiling height. The level of ambient light on the screen and the projector’s light output levels will also dictate the gain, or the level of reflectivity, of the screen surface. Lastly, we will need to decide whether a fixed screen or electric screen is the best fit for your unique application. Selecting the right screen is our job, enjoying the result is yours.

  • Digital Projector

    Craft the same immersive feel of the theater in your private cinema with a larger-than-life display made possible by world-leading Full HD and native 4K projectors that offer unsurpassed color and clarity on properly sized projection screens. Today’s latest technologies ensure spectacular brightness and the highest-possible contrast ratio to bring unmatched viewing of movies, television, sports and gaming. The cost of home projectors can range from $2,000 to well over $75,000, and is dictated by the lenses, light generator, video processing and build quality. We work with every client to design the right hardware for their room application and budget.

  • Theater Seating

    Your home theater is meant to perfectly harbor you and your family during hours of entertainment, which means your seating should be a top priority. High-quality home theater seating is designed not only for ultimate comfort but to ensure the best viewing experience possible for everyone in the room. Choose from a wide range of leather and plush recliners, modular sectionals and more that are ergonomically designed for unrivaled support from head to toe. From an intimate layout to expansive multi-level seating, any solution you desire can be custom-tailored to fit your needs.

  • Acoustic Treatment

    Rich, perfectly balanced sound is not accomplished by speakers alone. Strategically placed acoustic treatments are a crucial element to creating the ideal soundscape in your private cinema. Prevent unwanted distortion, flat sound and drowned frequencies by incorporating precisely measured acoustic treatments and panels that balance both sound absorption and diffusion for crystal-clear audio. Whether you desire exposed solutions that add to your theater’s design or discreet panels to allow your technology to shine, acoustic treatments are a must for an unrivaled audio experience.

  • Speakers

    The magic of a truly immersive home theater depends greatly on your speaker system. While conventional stereo creates two-channel sound in front of you, multi-channel surround sound places audio behind, beside and even above you, creating a three-dimensional environment of dynamic sound that brings your movies and video games to life. Choose from concealed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers, beautiful floor-standing speakers or a combination of both for an audio environment precisely installed and calibrated so you enjoy every sound as the director intended.

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