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Why Sound Is Essential to Your Home Movie Theater


Big screens deserve immersive audio

If you’re hoping to build a home movie theater, you know it takes video and audio calibration to ensure the best results. It should be a space that's perfectly designed to absorb sound to minimize echo. But when you have an immersive audio system like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, it's not always that simple. So, how do you get the most out of your Alpharetta, GA home movie theater? Start by reading below.


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How Immersive Audio Works

Immersive audio works differently than traditional surround sound formats. The latter works by assigning audio to "channels" (speakers). You'll hear dialogue coming from the center speaker, and other sounds from the different channels around the room. When you see the Dolby or THX logo at the beginning of a movie, you’ll know that Hollywood sound editors have designed the soundtrack to create the intended impact.

Atmos and DTS:X do it differently. Sound editors treat each sound like it’s an object. They then move each “sound-object” anywhere in a 3D plane. While each sound-object still technically works on a channel-based system, they seem to move naturally around your home theater. The sound of a big-budget action movie explosion starts in one corner of the room and realistically moves throughout the space.

It works by using a unique speaker configuration. We install speakers in front of and behind the user. Plus, we install two overhead speakers to create a "sphere" of sound. When you sit in the center of the sphere, you're entirely immersed in audio.


Audio Reflections

Why is home theater design different when you install an immersive sound system? Because Atmos and DTS:X use the sound reflections of the room to create the 3D experience.

Sound reflections, also known as echos, are usually negative. Walk into any unfurnished room, and you'll immediately notice the echoes bouncing around. Furniture, carpets, and other plush materials absorb the echoes. In some cases, acoustic panels can absorb even more.

Atmos systems promise the same experience whether you install a 60-channel configuration or a 5.1.2 channel system. Your home theater can sound as good as the local megaplex, no matter how big it is. Atmos uses the reflections of the room to make the system sound more substantial than it is.

That means being strategic about the speakers' placement, sparing with acoustic treatments, and aware of the architectural anomalies of the space. At Southern Cinema, we can simplify your installation.


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