How to Create a Movie Theater Experience at Home


Revel in the excitement, stunning visuals, and extraordinary sound of the best theaters—right in your own house. 

Films have extraordinary power over us; they bring us on flights of fancy and remarkable adventures. Few other mediums can give us such a roller coaster of emotions laughing, crying, and cheering, often all at the same time. 

Movie houses are often seen as almost sacred temples, places where we lower the lights to isolate ourselves, enforcing a focus on the screen. The theater’s excitement and reverie can be brought to your own home with a private cinema.  

To see how your Sandy Springs, GA  smart home can become the best place to watch movies, read more below. 

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A private cinema combines lighting, automation, and networks to deliver the ultimate movie moments. 

The Sound of a Room 

A home theater is about creating, or in some cases recreating, the optimal environment for watching movies; whether you are looking to reflect the vintage look of classic movie houses or build a more minimalist interpretation, the room's construction matters. 

Every room has acoustic issues that can affect how sound is distributed, and the video is seen. Elements from the decor, lighting, furnishings, and the screen itself and alter a space's characteristics. 

We work closely with your architectural and decor teams, adding acoustical panels that reflect or absorb sound where needed, ensuring that every seat in the house is in the ‘sweet spot’ when the lights dim. 

The Silver Screen  

Of course, the image on the screen is the central component of any theater. The relationship between the projector and screen determines the quality of the video you see.  

Screens are far more technological than most imagine. There are versions that diffuse the light, providing an even balance image, while other models contain optical beads that amplify and direct the light reflecting off of them. Wide screens that go beyond the 16:9 ratio of most media room monitors allow for a genuine cinema format of 4K DCI (4096 × 2160).

The video projector is at the heart of all things; it must produce video content with the vivid colors, depth of field, and spectacular clarity of ultra-high-definition films. Top of the line projector put out a stunning 5,000 to 10,000-lumen image, rivaling the most well-equipped multiplexes. The addition of focus optimizers and image enhancement works to blur the border between the story and you. 

Surrounded by Sound 

It has been said that an excellent film’s storyline can be understood with no audio. While this may be true, it is the surround sound that makes it an immersive experience.  While multiroom audio adds energy and momentum to the day, a theater requires clarity and punch. 

Every day we react to the subtle sounds, reflections, and nuance of noises that occur all around us.  Surround sound recreates a multidimensional audio field that reproduces everything from a buzzing bee flying around you to the body shattering rumbles of Michael Bay explosions.  

Picture Perfect 

Imagine as you recline in your theater seats that the lights dim, shades lower, and technology starts up in a simple command from your smart system. 

If you’re ready to experience the ultimate theater experience in your home,call us at our Georgia location at (770) 888-8848 or contact us here to get started today. 

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