Finding the Right Speakers for Your Home


Multiple options, fromfloor-standing units to invisible ceiling speakers, let you enjoy music the way you want to

Audiophiles know why the right speaker choice is essential to their listening experience. But if you're not an expert, you might not know which speaker is suitable for what. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the best experience possible, though! Instead, you can find higher-quality components when you understand basic speaker types and when to use them. At Southern Cinema, we've put together this simple guide on identifying speakers, from floor standing to invisible, ceiling speakers. And we simplify connecting each device and streaming lossless music through smart controls. Keep reading to find out more.

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Floor Standing Speakers 

Speakers often look like big, boxy units positioned to the sides of an entertainment system. Aimed toward the listener, they’re designed to replicate the feeling of the live music experience. Don’t worry about surround sound -- you only need two to experience the full impact of your favorite songs.

The large size of the cabinet produces robust and resonant sounds. "High-end" floor standing speakers are built with delicacy and precision, with unique materials for the cabinet, tweeters, and woofers. They offer the greatest detail and the widest range between the highest and lowest notes. That creates more nuance in the sound reproduction, so you effectively hear more of your favorite tracks.

Finding the right placement is essential for getting the most out of your floor standing speakers. For the best, "sound imaging" expert designers use sophisticated techniques to account for echoes and other factors. If done correctly (and with the right speakers), it sounds as if the band is playing a private concert just for you.

Bookshelf Speakers 

Casual listeners will be drawn to bookshelf speakers. These tiny units often appear as littler versions of the larger, floor standing speakers. However, despite their often similar aesthetics, they're built for function. Constructed with care, they work best for those who want the most straightforward solutions and minimal installation.

Wireless audio is huge in 2020. Sonos, a leader in the field, specializes in bookshelf speakers, some of which have 360-degree firing angles. Additionally, the whole sound system is housed within the speaker itself.  You can add more speakers around the room for an immersive listening experience. No matter where you stand or sit, you’ll enjoy the same music, quality, and control.

Ceiling Speakers

Homeowners can install recessed ceiling speakers in their rooms and hallways to hide the components while enjoying the same level of musical control. Recessed speakers are built into the ceiling and hidden from view. Roughly the same size as LED lighting fixtures, they blend in with the surrounding technology.

The benefit is that you can enjoy high-quality audio without peak areas in every room without cluttering up space with bulky components. Expert installation means placing and calibrating each speaker. That prevents peak audio "hot spots," which produce louder music in certain areas of the room.

Controlling Your System

And don’t forget: With speakers in every room, you’ll need a way to access and control playback whenever you want it. You don’t have to learn a bunch of complicated controls -- instead, centralize everything with a smart home system.

Smart technology lets you select a song or playlist and play it in any room—stream music all over your property, in multiple places, or just one. You can enjoy lossless audio quality with a few taps on your control device. 

Plus, create scenes that combine light, music, shading, and more. Your integrator can help you customize your technology settings to respond when you want to evince a certain mood in your home.

At Southern Cinema, we’re dedicated to helping your technology dreams come true. If you want to work with us, click here or call at 1-404-THEATER.

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