How to Find the Ideal Technology Partner for Your New Construction

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Expectations are high for 2019 with the National Association of Homebuilders predicting higher buyer demand for new homes due to lower mortgage rates. This comes on the tails of rising sales in 2018 with the last numbers from the Department of Housing showing a 3.7 percent sales increase in December. How can builders entice these new buyers? As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, builders and architects can use smart technology to bring in high-end buyers. Not only does home automation in new constructions boast a more streamlined lifestyle for future owners, but it streamlines their décor as well. During your next construction, bring in a home technology partner to help you dip into this emerging market. Ask the following questions when seeking out the right company to work with in Cumming, GA to ensure you can add these features without having to delay your project timeline or risk going over budget.

4 Ways a Consultant Helps You Improve Your Smart Home

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Everyone’s gone into a DIY project full of confidence at some point in their lives and quickly found themselves in over their heads. Smart home technology is no exception in that regard. No one could blame you considering they promote these devices to be easy plug-and-play upgrades for speakers, thermostats, and more. Novices may be able to do initial setups, but optimizing these devices and getting them to work together requires some additional time and expertise. That’s why we recommend reaching out to a home automation consultant in the St. Augustine, FL area to get your technology set up just right. This blog highlights the ways they improve your smart home and how to choose the right consultant.

Are All Your Smart Devices Working in Harmony?

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Avoid a Disjointed Solution With Total Home Automation Do you want to take advantage of the many smart home devices that have hit the market? Knowing which you want to include –from smart thermostats to motorized shading—is only the first step. The next one is figuring out how to get them all working together for [...]

How to Enjoy the Best 3D Theater Experience From Home

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Find the Right 3D Equipment for Your Custom Home Theater In 2019, there’ll be no shortage of massive 3D blockbuster releases from Avengers: End Game to the live action Lion King movie. Not only that, but some of the biggest 2018 blockbusters are now available in 3D Blu-ray including Ready Player One and Fantastic Beasts. [...]

How Can Pre-Wiring Boost Your Smart Devices?

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Building a smart home requires a lot more than just bringing in a lot of new gadgets. Each device may function well independently, but to get them working together, you'll need a home automation system that places them all under one umbrella. As with most projects, the key to a successful smart home is all about planning. Smart homes will require extensive programming and wiring to function efficiently and reliably. That's why home prewiring makes a huge difference when it comes to the quality of the technology in your Cummings, GA home.

How Can You Get More Out of Your Brand-New Home Technology?

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How did you fare during the holiday season? As the excitement dies down, it’s time to take stock of all the great gifts you got to close out the year. Go ahead and try on that new shirt, cash out that Amazon gift card, and install all those brand-new tech gadgets. Unfortunately, those brand-new smart speakers, lights, and thermostats aren’t quite as easy to install as advertised. Getting them set up might be easy but getting them to work together is another matter. Offload the work to a smart home company, so all you have to do is sit back and relax until your gadgets are all ready to work as one from an intuitive app or dedicated touchpad. Do you want to integrate voice control through Amazon Alexa, that's possible too! Since there may be a variety of smart home companies to choose from in the Alpharetta, GA area, we've created a guide to help you gauge which to trust with your brand-new holiday gear.

How to Bring the Cinema Experience to Your Home

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If you’re a movie fanatic, you can appreciate the benefits of a genuinely immersive theater experience. Not only do you have powerful audio surrounding you from all sides, but a larger-than-life screen that commands your attention. Getting distracted on your smartphone is not an option as the lights dim, and the movie begins. That being said, we understand you wanting to avoid it altogether. Having to deal with limited movie times, stale popcorn, and freezing temperatures can ruin even the best movies. Imagine if instead, you could recreate the theater atmosphere in the comfort of your St. Augustine, FL home? Now it’s possible with a custom home cinema room. Get a viewing experience even better than the one at the local multiplex by considering these things.

Enjoy Your Favorite Music Any Way You Want It

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One of the easiest New Year’s Resolutions you can commit to is listening to more music. Very few people realize the benefits of putting on their favorite records anywhere in the house. Even just a few minutes a day enhances your concentration, reduce stress, and of course make you happier. Ready to take on what will likely be one of the easiest resolutions of 2019? Elevate your listening experience with a multi-room audio solution in your St. Augustine, FL home. This technology makes it easy to pull up and enjoy music at anytime, anywhere. Variety, convenience, and quality all come together with the following steps:

3 Signs Your Business Desperately Needs a Smart Technology Upgrade

If These Signs Speak to You, It’s Time to Consider Commercial Automation

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If you’re a motivated business owner, you spend a good deal of your time searching for innovative and cost-friendly ways to grow your business. But as any owner knows, a growing business often comes with several obstacles you must hurdle in order to keep your company afloat. If the following three problems are present in [...]

What to Get the High-End Audio Lover in Your Life

A Gift Guide for Music Fans

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, you’re likely scrambling to purchase gifts and make this time of the year a memorable one for your entire family. But finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be hard, especially if your family loves great-sounding music. High-end audio gear is always welcome in homes across Buckhead and beyond. [...]